Zimmer Z Lipo

Finding hard to say goodbye to your stubborn fats despite intensive exercising and dieting?
With Zimmer Z Lipo, you can do it now! A permanent fat reduction by freezing your fat using Cryolipolysis method.

Chilling your way to your dream figure with Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Z Lipo:
– Non-invasive
– Pain-free
– No side effects


Doubting on how to say goodbye with your stubborn fats and chilling the way to your dream figure?

With Zimmer Z Lipo you can do it now! A permanent fat reduction by freezing your fat using cryolipolysis method.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Z Lipo targets fat deposits & cools them down in a controlled manner over a prolonged period, leading to the destruction of the fat cells. In research, fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures.

Cryolipolysis targets fat deposits and cools them down in a controlled manner over prolonged period (about 60min). The targeted removal of energy by means of a cold treatment causes the apoptosis of the fat cells. Dead fat cells will be naturally removed through lymphatic system which takes about 10-12 weeks. Since the surrounding tissue does not respond to the cold treatment in the same way as fatty tissue, the treatment is considered safe, gentle and non-invasive. To avoid damage to the skin, a special gelpad is placed on the treatment area during treatment.

Apoptosis Necrosis
– Programmed cell death

– Biological process responsible for the death of adipocytes treated with Zimmer Z Lipo

– Cold-induced lipolysis happened in the subcutaneous fat without causing harm to surrounding skin structure. Cell membrane stays intact.

– Traumatic cell death that results from acute cellular injury

– In general, heating cells causes a necrotic injury. This happens when the cellular contents are mechanically agitated (by HIFU or Radio Frequency), or being heated till they explode. Cell membrane ruptures.


Therefore, Cryo-lipolysis has been proven to be the safe and efficacy procedure:

“The highly innovative Z Lipo System (Zimmer MedizineSysteme GmbH, Neu-Ulm) allows a targeted, permanent and non-invasive reduction of fat deposits. This procedure cools fat deposits over a longer period of time to a controlled and safe temperature range. Z Lipo convinces with its simple, safe and user-friendly operation. Studies have shown that a local fat reduction of up to 30% can be achieved.”

Fritz, C.Salavastru, abstract extracted from Aesthetic Dermatology 2/2016: Cryolipolysis: “Cool” Way To Your Dream Body


“After a market comparison by taking into account the cost-benefit relationship, I opted for the Z Lipo System from Zimmer MedizinSysteme. One important criterion for me was that the system does not contain any artificial wearing parts.”

Gansel, Essen, abstract extracted from Aesthetic Dermatology 3/2016: Cryolipolysis and Shockwave Therapy – A Combination For Non-invasive Fat Reduction


“We are currently working very successfully with the Z Lipo System from Zimmer MedizineSysteme (Neu-Ulm, Germany). Thanks to the flexible instrument settings and different applicators, we are able to adapt the treatment perfectly to the individual needs of the patient. Another interesting instrument setup in the Z Lipo System, which is not common in other Cryolipolysis devices, is the possibility of operating with continuous or pulsed vacuum. With three different vacuum frequencies, it is possible to achieve a massage effect.”

Dr. Pablo Naranjo, abstract extracted from Aesthetic Dermatology 4/2016: Combined Treatments with Cryolipolysis for better treatment results