About Z Lipo

Who is a good candidate for Z Lipo?

If you have stubborn fat that unable to remove no matter how hard you exercise or diet. Z Lipo is the solution for you.

How Z Lipo work?

It targets fat deposits and cool them down in a controlled manner over a prolonged period, leading to destruction of the fat cells. Dead fat cells will naturally remove through lymphatic system.

How many treatments are needed for desire result?

Consultation will be done by doctor to evaluate number of treatments needed.

How long before results can be expected?

Usually the result will be visible within 3-4 months, whereas some of the patients see their result in 3 weeks after the treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

Cryo-lipolysis by Zimmer Z Lipo is a virtually pain free process. There may be a slight feeling of pain in the first few minutes of the treatment as you begin to feel the suction of the applicators. However, this is completely harmless and only lasts a few minutes to avoid damage to the skin. A special gel pad is placed on the treatment area during treatment.

Are there any side effects?

The treatment has virtually no side effects. There may be some redness or slight tenderness of the treated area a few day after the treatment. Some patients report a feeling that resembles normal muscle soreness.

About Z Wave Pro

Is this treatment painful?

No, however it painless. Many patients mention that this treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage.

How quickly are the changes visible?

Clear changes are visible after only 2-3 sessions. Your skin will get smoother and firmer. It usually takes 6 to 10 sessions to complete the treatment.

Are the results long-lasting?

Treatments are quick, lasting 20-30 minutes. A treatment series of 10 treatments performed twice a week is recommended for optimal outcome.